User Guide

  • This user guide shows some of the possible ways to use features and get started.
  • Features are designed to flow and be as intuitive as possible with a lot of contextual help built into the application.
  • All feedback is considered for improvement and may be included directly or further developed.

Day to day

Welcome - Comming soon (welcome, pronunciation, what and why).
Navigation - Comming soon (Intro to navigation, start every screen cast with a version check).
Contextual Help - Help available in the application.
Finding Tasks - How do I find my tasks?
Finding Tasks (By task #) - Find tasks by task number.
Finding Inventory - How do I find and use inventory?
Purchasing - Comming soon (How to purchase inventory).


Install - Download and installation.
Upgrade - Upgrading to newer versions.
GnuMims? - Why is it called gnuMims?.
Multiple Sites - GnuMims and multiple sites.
Other Uses - What else could gnuMims be used for?.
Open Source License - What is this open source and free (as in freedom) of software all about?.
Help - Additional Sources of help.

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