• Improvements to Inventory Purchasing
    • Improve work flow.
      • Loop from Purchases view should not return to inventory item but back to the list view and remember the search.
    • Consider full blown Purchase Orders.
    • Cost centres and cost codes.


  • Regulatory and safety audits.
  • Training expiry and audits.
  • Working shift feature (day/night etc.)
  • Rotables.
  • Workload and filter by person completing work search views.
  • CI build with Trac Bitten.
    • Remove test/ directory before build war.
  • Reduce included jars through dependency review.
  • Move admin gsp views and controllers to admin util app.
  • Externalise config.
    • Db, currency, date format.
  • A holding milestone to collect possible future tickets for which there is no currently planned milestone.
    • Tickets are then moved to milestones during planning.
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