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GnuMims is a web application built with the Grails web framework.
Once installed to a server all user access is via a web browser (IE, Firefox, Safari etc) so there are no installation requirements for user machines.

There are three ways to get gnuMims running:

  1. Easy: get service everything will be done for you.
  2. Harder: Download WAR and Config file and deploy to a Java Servlet (as detailed bellow).
  3. Hardest: Download the source code and build a custom WAR with Grails (see the Developer Start Page for this option).

Note: the online Demo provides the easiest way to take gnuMims for a test run.


WAR Deployment Steps

A server with Tomcat and a Java servlet can be a tricky thing to setup.
If you are not experienced with these things please contact us for help.
By all means have a go if you are keen but contact us well BEFORE severe hair loss occurs ;-)
We would rather help than have you give up and miss out on a great application.

  • Stop Tomcat.
  • Copy the war file to [$TOMCAT_HOME]/webapps/gnuMims.war.
  • Copy the config file to [$TOMCAT_HOME]/commons/classes/gnuMims-config.groovy
  • Read and follow the advice in gnuMims-config.groovy to set the data source.
  • Start Tomcat.
  • View the Tomcat log files $TOMCAT_HOME/logs/example.
  • Point your web browser to http://localhost:8080/gnuMims/ or http://myserver:port/gnuMims.
  • The exact case and name of the war file must match the browser URL.
  • Login with the user name "admin" and password "pass".
  • For production, disable demo data in the admin view.

More Installation Tips

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