General News


GnuMims home has moved to a new VPS with Binary Lane.
All services (Website, Demo, Trac, SVN etc) have been migrated to the new VPS.
More RAM (1024MB), 2 CPUs and a 64 bit environment allow the demo to perform at full speed as it was intended.


Why use a CMMS?


Upgrade to Grails-1.3.7!

  • The grailsUpgrade branch has proven stable during testing and has now been merged into trunk.
  • Live deployments and online demo have been updated.


All back end systems have been upgraded from Debian 5.0 (Lenny) to Debian 6.0 (Squeeze).
This includes upgrades to packages that gnuMims will be the most tested and run against:

  • Sun-Java-1.5 to Sun-Java-6
  • Tomcat-5.5 to Tomcat-6
  • Mysql-5.0.51 to Mysql-5.1.49


We have launched a YouYube channel.
We are very close to releasing Task Procedures with Condition Severity reporting.
It is hoped that this feature will take maintenance to the next level.
This has been a small deviation from the milestones but we will be returning to those soon.


Steady progress continues, as can be seen in the timeline.
Some stats and an indication of the size of gnuMims can be seen at gnuMimsStatSvn:
53326 Lines of Code (Mostly in groovy a compact language)
525 Files:
163 Classes:

  • 57 Domain classes (database tables).
  • 59 Controller classes.
  • 28 Service classes (business logic).
  • 19 Other.

233 Views (gsp files).

When packaged as WAR file:
6734 Files and folders.
92.4 MB Unpacked size.
59.9 MB Packaged size.


GnuMims home has moved to a nice shiney new MammothVPS.
All services (Website, Trac, SVN, Autobuilder etc) have been migrated from the old server to the new VPS.
Several improvements to the inventory purchasing have also happened over the last few weeks.


There is now an online User Guide.


Of course we no sooner upgrade to Grails-1.2.1 and out comes Grails-1.2.2!
Thankfully upgrading framework versions in Grails has so far been pretty painless, about the
same as upgrading a Debian GNU/Linux machine just on a smaller scale.
So we'll have some of that goodness too, once again many thanks to all the Grails devs.


Well we bit the bullet and upgraded to Grails-1.2.1!
I have been hoping to do this for a while since the views are rendered faster and pre-compiled when the war is created,
this makes the ~242 views in gnuMims less of a memory burden during deployed start-up.

We have been waiting on a couple of plugins, quartz (scheduling) and filterpane (searching). The saints that look after
quartz got that running recently and I committed a couple small fixes to upstream filterpane making it Grails-1.2.1 ready.
A big cheer to all the fantastic plugin authors that have improved the plugins that gnuMims uses so heavily,
and of course everyone that works on Grails to bring us the framework improvements!
All plugins have been upgraded to their latest versions and all are working sweetly in testing.


A quick note on some of the things we have been improving.

Improved constraints to Task:
targetStartDate =< targetCompletionDate (Thanks Fritza)
comment(maxSize:1000) (Should fix bug found by Gary)
New inventory purchasing feature.
Task creation: Scheduled, Unscheduled and Callout.
With priorities and types adjusted/restricted accordingly.
Recurring schedule may now be limited by a max number of sub tasks
or by the parent tasks target completion date.
Import/Export? of Asset tree, inventory, inventory purchases and person data to/from CSV files.
Addition of production reference to fault entries.
Addition of an attention flag for tasks.


Wow that was a massive day. How many commits!?!
Detailing of Inventory and related views.
Contributions to upstream plugins.
Several fixes and tickets closed.


Milestone 0.6 is now complete with the refined asset tree fully implemented.
See the milestone and timeline for details:

The asset tree pane is looking great and will very likely find further uses in the future.
Security roles have been further developed and should now be a good starting point for any deployment.


We are in the process of our first live deployment during January!
Some refinement and development are a direct result of the feedback and testing involved in deployment.
The asset domain is one area that will be refined.


We have smashed over milestone 0.4 and we are well into milestone 0.5
See the milestone and tickets for details:


Substantial refactor of the Inventory domain and basic inventory movement implemented, this will be further improved on.
Inventory items can now have pictures added with a very nice browsing display with Lightbox.
Various bug fixes, see timeline and tickets.
Add support for task actions 'approve', 'complete', 'trash' and their counter parts.
Task modifications are now recorded, such as created and completed along with the date and person information.
General improvements in front end integration and back end code.


Improvements to searching in Task, Inventory and Asset views. Link assets in Task views. Asset model improvements with the addition of Department entity and costCode attributes. Improvements to application user management view and login/logout controller. Creating base and demo data can now be done within gnuMims when logged in as admin. Various bug fixes.

Revamp installation instructions with dev and prod (using MySQL) WAR versions now being automatically built and made available for download.


Improvements in navigation and browser (IE and Firefox) compatibility. New graphical view of the domains thanks to class-diagram plugin. Update to Grails-1.1.1
Task Recurring Schedule's are close to fully functional.


After 4 months working on another project there is again time to work on gnuMims.


Once again very busy, the Asset domain was successfully implemented as per the supplied model. This was actually completed with the demo online in around 4 working hours so very happy with that. The model required some more work and it's starting to look nearly correct now so will implement that and determine where to go from the feedback we get.


We have had a request to model the Asset domain and show what can be done to develop asset life plans and planned maintenance. As a result the basic Inventory domain has been modeled and implemented but the Inventory functionality has been moved to milestone 0.4


The last two weeks have been very busy. Lots of server admin, updates and scripting to automate website and demo application updates. The Task domain now is quite usable to manage and plan tasks, there is of course plenty more that will be done to enrich the usage, flow and experience but all the basics are there. Considering that the Inventory domain implementation will commence today.


The Task domain rewrite is complete and has been copied over to trunk. This also completes our migration to Grails-1.1 and as a large bonus Acegi security has been set-up.


We now have Trac and anonymous http access to svn. Developer access to svn is via ssh and key auth. A rewrite of the Task domain and implementation of security is under way.

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