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(edit) @782   9 years gav Demo data adjustment.
(edit) @781   9 years gav All tests passing, updated CreateDataService so that it can be so.
(edit) @780   9 years gav Add assetTreeCompact template.
(edit) @779   9 years gav TaskProcedure improvements, removed floating </tr>.
(edit) @778   9 years gav TaskProcedure javascript improvements, move addChild function to …
(edit) @777   9 years gav TaskProcedure? javascript improvements, childCount++ moved out of …
(edit) @776   9 years gav TaskProcedure? improvements, filter assemblies, pre populate a …
(edit) @775   9 years gav Add optimistic locking checks and transactional save for TaskProcedure.
(edit) @774   9 years gav Use transactional service for TaskProcedure update to prevent …
(edit) @773   9 years gav Add cancel button to TaskProcedure edit view.
(edit) @772   9 years gav Domain change, add TaskProcedure updated and created fields.
(edit) @771   9 years gav Add TaskProcedureTests to test use of LazyList?.
(edit) @770   9 years gav Domain change, improved draft of creating taskProcedure dynamic form.
(edit) @769   9 years gav Domain change, update constraints on MaintenanceAction.
(edit) @768   9 years gav Update MaintenanceAction demo data.
(edit) @767   9 years gav Get TaskProcedure list view search basically working again, probably …
(edit) @766   9 years gav Add branches/util-apps/DomainUtil application.
(edit) @764   9 years gav Svn move trunk/util-apps to branches/util-apps.
(edit) @763   9 years gav Re-enable createDemoMaintenanceActions() and add list action to …
(edit) @762   9 years gav Domain change on TaskProcedure and MaintenanceAction, continue task …
(edit) @761   9 years gav JQuery plugin uninstalled, including jQuery-1.4.4.min.js directly. …
(edit) @760   9 years gav Domain change, frist draft of creating taskProcedure dynamic form.
(edit) @759   9 years gav JQuery plugin installed, needs g:javascript tags in head.
(edit) @758   9 years gav Domain change, adjust TaskProcedure to Task relationship.
(edit) @757   9 years gav Remove non-detailed TaskProcedure controller and views.
(edit) @756   9 years gav Domain change, remove unused field and tweak MaintenanceAction?.
(edit) @755   9 years gav Remove unused asset field on taskProcedure in task show view.
(edit) @754   9 years gav Domain change, remove unused fields from TaskProcedure?.
(edit) @753   9 years gav Start taskProcedureRework branch at r752.
(edit) @752   9 years gav Add /trunk/util-apps, /branches/... and /tags/.. VCS structure directories.
(edit) @90   11 years gav Remove TaskRewrite? folder
(edit) @89   11 years gav TaskRewrite? has satisfied its purpose so moved to /trunk.
(edit) @87   11 years gav Delete python base firstplay branch.
(edit) @86   11 years gav Continue detailing Task views.
(edit) @85   11 years gav Re-arrange the way 'Detailed is used, much nicer and more secure.
(edit) @84   11 years gav Start creating 'Detail views for Task. Add to BootStrap?. Small change …
(edit) @82   11 years gav Add AGPL notices.
(edit) @81   11 years gav Change datasource to use in memory for production war.
(edit) @80   11 years gav Make the header image link to
(edit) @79   11 years gav Remove span tags for IE, Person edit and changePassword views.
(edit) @75   11 years gav Move index.gsp to views folder as per grails-1.1
(edit) @74   11 years gav Migrate /branches/TaskRewrite to grails-1.1
(edit) @73   11 years gav Add changePassword under options view so that users can change their …
(edit) @72   11 years gav Complete change to AppAdmin? and AppUser? roles.
(edit) @71   11 years gav Start changing roles to AppAdmin? and AppUser?. Add Options view, start …
(edit) @70   11 years gav Adjust NoCacheFilters? after more research, should be as good as it …
(edit) @69   11 years gav Add TaskPriority? and TaskType? domains, generate views and controllers. …
(edit) @67   11 years gav SVN delete .settings dir, don't need it, don't know where it came …
(edit) @66   11 years gav Add domains Entry, Task, Modification with task rewrites and …
(edit) @65   11 years gav Some minor format and label correction.
(edit) @64   11 years gav Add PersonGroup/Type? to Bootstrap.
(edit) @62   11 years gav Add import security to required files.
(edit) @61   11 years gav Add personGroupType views.
(edit) @60   11 years gav Add personGroup views.
(edit) @59   11 years gav Lots of changes to setup Acegi, should be complete with all current …
(edit) @58   11 years gav Configure BootStrap? with latest concepts. Install and setup Acegi …
(edit) @57   11 years gav
(edit) @56   11 years gav Create Grails app (manual recursion to get everything in)
(edit) @55   11 years gav Create Grails app (manual recursion to get everything in)
(edit) @54   11 years gav Create Grails app (manual recursion to get everything in)
(edit) @53   11 years gav Create Grails app.
(edit) @52   11 years gav Created Grails app.
(edit) @51   11 years gav Start TastRewrite? branch will be moved to trunk if successful.
(edit) @15   11 years gavin Move firstplay into /branches.
(add) @5   11 years gavin Create /branches
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