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Add/update task status help messages on entry save.

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2# Custom and domain constraint messages.
5address.owner.not.found=An owner (Person, Site or Supplier) must be supplied to create an address.
6contact.owner.not.found=An owner (Person, Site or Supplier) must be supplied to create contact details.
8asset.tree.import.success=Asset tree imported.
9asset.tree.import.failure=Could not create asset tree from supplied file, failed on line {0}, see {1}.
11inventory.import.success=Inventory imported.
12inventory.import.failure=Could not create inventory from supplied file, failed on line {0}, see {1}.
14inventoryItemPictures.import.success=Inventory item pictures imported, see {0}. directory on server not found. to unzip supplied file.
17inventoryItemPictures.import=Picture Import zip file of pictures (max 100MB) or singles pictures may be imported. Pictures \
19    must have the same file names as existing inventory items.
21inventoryItemPurchase.import.success=Inventory item purchases imported.
22inventoryItemPurchase.import.failure=Could not create inventory item purchases from supplied file, failed on line {0}, see {1}.
24person.import.success=Person list imported.
25person.import.failure=Could not create persons from supplied file, failed on line {0}, see {1}.
27asset.copy.subItem.create.failure=Could not complete operation, as sub item failed to save.
28asset.copy.subItem.too.many.failure=Could not complete operation, as there appears to be too many sub items.
29asset.copy.method.required=Please select a copy method for sub items.
30asset.copy.method=Copy Method creates a new asset and links it to EXISTING sub items. \
32    While copy creates a new asset and new sub items by appending '(id:#)' to create unique sub item names.
33asset.copy.asset.required=Please select an asset to copy.
35maintenanceActions.still.associated=Could not complete operation as maintenance actions are still associated \
36    with this item.
37maintenanceActions.still.associated.subItem=Could not complete operation as maintenance actions are still associated \
38    with a sub item.
39inventoryStores.still.associated=Could not complete operation as inventory stores are still associated with this item.
41site.section.delete.failure=Could not complete operation as sections failed to delete.
42section.asset.delete.failure=Could not complete operation as assets failed to delete.
43asset.subItems.delete.failure=Could not complete operation as orphan sub items failed to delete.
45assetSubItem.asset.not.found=Could not complete operation as an asset was supplied but not found.
46assetSubItem.assets.associated=Could not complete operation as assets are still associated with this sub item.
48sub.task.create.confirm=Immediately create and save a new sub task?
50person.pass.minSize.notmet=Password is less than the minimum size of [{3}]
51person.pass.blank=Password cannot be blank
52person.pass.doesNotMatch=Passwords must match
53 name must be unique for purchasingGroup.
57# Help Balloon and property definitions.
60# Report help balloon messages.
61report.stock.take.overview=Stock Take (Overview) this report to manage inventory stock take. Use in conjunction with the Stock Take (By Location) report. Take (Location) a comma separated list of inventory locations. \
65    Use the Stock Take (Overview) report to get the list of locations. A % symbol may be used as a wild card, e.g: X1, X2, Y%, Z%7
67# Person properties.
68person.personGroups=Person Groups may be assigned to tasks and \
70may also provide a record of persons qualified or trained in a specific area. \
71    Groups provide no application authorisations.
72person.purchasingGroups=Purchasing Groups groups determine the available cost codes that a person may purchase against.
74person.loginName=Login Name is the id or name that the person will use to login to the application.
76person.firstName=First Name person's real first name.
78person.lastName=Last Name person's real last name.
80person.password=Password password that the person will use to login to the application (should be changed by them later).
82person.isActive=Active this to prevent a person logging in to the application.
85person.authorities=Authorities this person authority to do things in the application. \
87    The user must logout for changes to take effect.
89# InventoryItemPurchase properties.
90inventoryItemPurchase.purchaseOrderNumber=Purchase Order # number must be exact in case and spacing. \
92    All purchase received and invoice approval requires this number to track correctly. \
93    The number may only appear once for each inventory item. \
94    To enter multiple line items for a purchase order # 'M123' use 'M123.1' and 'M123.2' for example. date that the order was placed. \
97    May be adjusted at the end of financial years. Also see the 'date created' and 'last updated' properties.
98inventoryItemPurchase.cost.code=Cost Code codes assign cost to the correct asset and accouting ledger number/account. \
100    Ideally cost codes should be asset based and reflect the asset tree.
101inventoryItemPurchase.task.budget.status=Budget Status this purchase planned for in the budget or is it an unplanned spend.
103inventoryItemPurchase.supplier=Supplier supplier to make the purchase out to.
105inventoryItemPurchase.quantity=Quantity number of inventory item units purchased.
107inventoryItemPurchase.receive.quantity=Receive Quantity number of inventory item units received.
109inventoryItemPurchase.approve.quantity=Approve Quantity number of inventory item units to approve payment for.
111inventoryItemPurchase.order.value=Order Value total value of this line item.
113inventoryItemPurchase.receive.value=Receive Value value of items received.
115inventoryItemPurchase.approve.value=Approve Value value to approve payment for.
117inventoryItemPurchase.invoice.number=Invoice Number invoice number that this line item approves payment for.
120entry.duration=Duration time (hh:mm) booked against this entry for date done.
122entry.duration.fault=Down Time. production down time (hh:mm) directly attributable to this fault. Done date on which the event actually occurred.
126entry.comment.fault=Fault description of the fault and what is happening, NOT what needs doing!
128entry.comment.cause=Cause root cause of the fault. Professional opinion on any faults. \
130Include condition and contributing factors. Done the work that was done.
133entry.comment.production.note=Production Note on the production. Request the work request. Entry the condition severity and work done.
139entry.productionReference.fault=Production Reference production during which the fault occurred.
142assignedGroup.estimatedDuration=Estimated Duration estimated amount of time (hh:mm) that you would \
144like to assign this group to the task.
146assignedPerson.estimatedDuration=Estimated Duration estimated amount of time (hh:mm) that you would \
148like to assign this person to the task.
150task.delete.failure.production=Tasks may not be deleted in production mode, \
151    set the trash flag instead.
152task.trash.confirm=Trash, are you sure? \
153    If authorised, recurrence will be disabled and Sub Task links will be forever removed!
154task.clear.attention.flag.on.completion.confirm=Clear Flag and Complete, are you sure?
155task.notFound=Could not complete operation, task not found.
156task.operationNotPermittedOnCompleteTask=This operation is not permitted on a complete task.
157task.operationNotPermittedOnTaskInTrash=This operation is not permitted on a task that is in the trash.
158task.operationNotPermittedOnRecurringTaskWithoutAuth=This operation is not permitted \
159    on a recurring task without authorisation.
160task.operationNotPermittedOnTaskHavingSubTasksWithoutAuth=This operation is not permitted \
161    on a task that has sub tasks without authorisation.
162task.operationNotPermittedOnTaskLinkedToProcedureWithoutAuth=This operation is not permitted \
163    on a task that is linked to a procedure without authorisation.
164task.operationNotPermittedOnParentPmTask=This operation is not permitted \
165    on a Parent PM task.
166task.failedToSave=Could not complete operation, task failed to save.
167task.modifications.failedToSave=Could not complete operation, as task modification record failed to save.
168task.assignedGroups.failedToSave=Could not complete operation, as assignedGroup record failed to save.
169task.assignedPersons.failedToSave=Could not complete operation, as assignedPerson record failed to save.
170tast.taskRecurringSchedule.alreadyExists=This task already has a recurring schedule.
171tast.operationNotPermittedToChangeAssetWithMaintenanceActions=Changing the primaryAsset \
172    on a task with maintenanceActions is not permitted, remove the maintenanceActions from the \
173    procedure first.
174task.targetCompletionDate.before.targetStartDate=The target completion date must be equal to or greater than \
175    the target start date.
176 select a condition severity. select a task, then add an entry. params supplied.
181taskRecurringSchedule.notFound=Could not complete operation, recurring schedule not found.
182personGroup.not.found=Person Group not found, it may have been deleted.
183person.not.found=Person record not found, it may have been deleted.
185# Task Properties.
186task.assignedGroups=Assigned Groups person groups assigned to work on this task during planning along with estimated time.
188task.assignedPersons=Assigned Persons persons assigned to work on this task during planning along with estimated time.
190task.description=Task Description basic description of the task.
192task.description.immediateCallout=Immediate Callout Description. description of the callout from an operations perspective.
194task.comment=Task Comment text for additional info, only shown in detail views.
196task.targetStartDate=Target Start Date date we would like the task to start, set during scheduling.
198task.targetStartDate.immediateCallout=Callout Date date the callout occured.
200task.targetCompletionDate=Target Completion Date date we would like the task to be completed by, set during scheduling.
202task.leadPerson=Lead Person primay contact person.
204task.safetyRequirement=Safety of this task is required to correct an immediate safety concern. \
206    This task must be completed and is not allowed to be missed.
207task.regulatoryRequirement=Regulatory of this task is a regulatory requirement. \
209    This task must be completed and is not allowed to be missed.
210task.mandatoryRequirement=Mandatory of this task is mandatory, due to company policy or operational requirement. \
212    This task must be completed and is not allowed to be missed.
213task.positiveFault=Positive Fault false if unsure. Used to calculate preventative efficiency or P.E.
216# Task Actions
217task.status.resolved=Resolved that root cause is known and has been completely resolved.
219task.status.unresolved=Unresolved that this task requires further attention, \
221    root cause is either unknown or unresolved. entry and complete task. entry and indicate that this task requires further attention, \
226    root cause is either unknown or unresolved. entry and leave task status unchanged.
230taskRecurringSchedule.nextTargetStartDate.mayNotBePast=Please select a start date that is not in the past.
231taskRecurringSchedule.nextTargetStartDate=Next Target Start Date target start date for the next auto generated sub task.
233taskRecurringSchedule.recurEvery=Recur Every often this task should recur. Determines the period between sub task target start dates.
235taskRecurringSchedule.taskDuration=Task Duration long to allow for the task. Determines the target completion date of the sub tasks.
237taskRecurringSchedule.generateAhead=Generate Ahead far ahead of the next target start date to generate sub tasks. \
239    This allows work packs to be built and work load to be seen and planned. \
240    Only generate ahead as far as short term planning is done, since all generated sub task \
241    values will be set and therefore time consuming to change.
242taskRecurringSchedule.maxSubTasks=Max Sub Tasks number of sub tasks to generate. Set to 0 \
244    for no limit.
245taskRecurringSchedule.useTargetCompletionDate=Target Completion to use the parent task's target completion date. \
247    Off to continue generation past the parent task's target completion date.
248taskRecurringSchedule.enabled=Enabled to enable automatic sub task generation. \
250    Off to stop automatic sub task generation. <br /><br />\
251    The system will turn this off if there are no further sub tasks to be generated.
253task.primaryAsset=Primary Asset is the asset that costs will be assigned to.
255task.associatedAssets=Associated Assets assets are to be associated with this task, but costs will not be assigned.
258# InventoryItem Properties. inventory item's name as known on site. \
261    Also called the part number but may contain letters and numbers.
262inventory.item.description=Description inventory item description as it would appear on a reorder.
264inventory.item.comment=Comment on site comments. Which may include additional ordering information, \
266    search key words and other useful information.
267inventory.item.estimated.unit.price.amount=Unit Price reorder price of a single unit.
269inventory.item.unit.of.measure=Unit Of Measure units that this item will be measured in. Set once during creation \
271    and cannot be changed as changing would invalidate all movement, another item with the correct units must be created.
272inventory.item.suppliers.part.number=Part Number suppliers part number as it would appear on a reorder. Stock units in stock.
276inventory.item.reorder.point=Reorder Point at which a reorder will be flagged.
278inventory.item.reorder.quantity=Reorder Quantity or recommended quantity to reorder. \
280    Infers the max holding quantity (Reorder Point + Reorder Quantity). \
281    Often determined by a price break or minimum order quantity. to remove from search results. indicates that item considered obsolete by the supplier.
286inventory.item.enable.reorder.listing=Reorder Listing to show item on reorder lists.
288inventory.item.inventory.location=Location location or bin where this item can be found. easy way to group or place items in various piles to assit with management.
292inventory.item.inventory.type=Type type of inventory that this item falls into.
294inventory.item.preferred.supplier=Preferred Supplier preferred supplier to purchase this item from. \
296    Often determined by cost, contract or availability.
297inventory.item.alternate.suppliers=Alternate Suppliers of alternate suppliers that this item may be purchased from. \
299    For example when the preferred supplier has no stock.
300inventory.item.spare.for=Spare For of assets that this item is held as a spare for.
303# InventoryItem Messages. item has been flagged as obsolete. item has been flagged as not active.
306inventory.item.reorder.not.allowed=Reorder not allowed.
307inventory.item.reorder.listing.disabled=This item has reorder listing disabled and will not appear on reorder lists.
308inventory.item.already.has.picture=Inventory item already has a picture, please delete the old picture first.
309inventory.item.picture.file.unrecognised=Image file [{0}]: type not recognised.
310inventory.item.picture.source.not.supported=Image source type not supported.
312inventoryMovement.quantity.insufficientItemsInStock=Could not complete operation, insufficient items in stock.
313inventoryMovement.inventoryItem.notFound=Inventory Item not found.
314inventoryMovement.still.associated=Could not complete operation as inventory movements are still associated with this item.
316inventoryItemPurchase.purchaseOrderNumber.not.unique.for.inventory.item.order=Purchase Order Number must be unique for this inventory item order.
317inventoryItemPurchase.invoiceNumber.required=An invoice number must be supplied to approve payment.
318inventoryItemPurchase.delete.failure.received.exists=Could not delete, items have been received.
319inventoryItemPurchase.delete.failure.payment.approved=Could not delete, payment has been approved.
320inventoryItemPurchase.operation.not.permitted.on.inactive.or.obsolete.item=This operation is not permitted on an inactive or obsolete inventory item.
321inventoryItemPurchase.costCodes.not.found=No cost codes found, a person needs to be assigned to a purchasing group that has cost codes.
323assignedGroup.task.not.found=Please select a task and then ''Add Assigned Group''.
324assignedPerson.task.not.found=Please select a task and then ''Add Assigned Person''.
327# Default messages.
330default.list.failure=Could not generate list for class {0}.
331default.not.found={0} {1} not found, it may have been deleted.
332default.delete.success={0} {1} deleted.
333default.delete.failure={0} {1} could not be deleted.
334default.update.success={0} {1} updated.
335default.update.failure={0} {1} could not be updated.
336default.create.success={0} {1} created.
337default.create.failure={0} could not be created.
338default.create.revision.failure=Could not create revision.
339default.could.not.perform.operation=Could not perform operation.
340default.optimistic.locking.failure=Another user has updated this item while you were editing, please check the updated values.
341default.file.over.max.size=Supplied file is greater than max size of {0} {1}.
342default.file.not.supplied=No file supplied. supplied file does not have the correct header lines, please see the template file.
344default.not.development.environment.failure=Could not complete operation, dev environment not detected.
346default.doesnt.match.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] does not match the required pattern [{3}]
347default.invalid.url.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is not a valid URL
348default.invalid.creditCard.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is not a valid credit card number [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is not a valid e-mail address
350default.invalid.range.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] does not fall within the valid range from [{3}] to [{4}]
351default.invalid.size.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] does not fall within the valid size range from [{3}] to [{4}]
352default.invalid.max.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] exceeds maximum value [{3}]
353default.invalid.min.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is less than minimum value [{3}]
354default.invalid.max.size.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] exceeds the maximum size of [{3}]
355default.invalid.min.size.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is less than the minimum size of [{3}]
356default.invalid.validator.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] does not pass custom validation
357default.not.inlist.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is not contained within the list [{3}]
358default.blank.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] cannot be blank
359default.not.equal.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] cannot equal [{3}]
360default.null.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] cannot be null
361default.not.unique.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] must be unique
376# Rich UI plugin - Calendar
390# Data binding errors. Use "typeMismatch.$className.$propertyName to customize (eg
392 {0} must be a valid URL {0} must be a valid URI {0} must be a valid Date {0} must be a valid number {0} must be a valid number {0} must be a valid number {0} must be a valid number {0} must be a valid number {0} must be a valid number
404# Navigation plugin, see conf/Config.groovy for menu's.
405# Subitems are not currently resolving with this plugin.
424# FilterPane plugin, properties.
426 Asset Asset Person (Last Name) Person (First Name) For Unit Price
449# TaskSearch Service.
451 Completed completed tasks in the results.
454 Tasks tasks that are not in the trash. Tasks in the trash must be explicitly requested in the advanced search. tasks for {0}. tasks found for {0}. tasks between {0} and {1}. tasks found between {0} and {1}.
461's Tasks tasks that a person is assigned to. for {0} on {1}. tasks found for {0} on {1}. for {0} between {1} and {2}. tasks found for {0} between {1} and {2}.
468 tasks and approved tasks that I am assigned to.
471's Callouts callouts by person (lead person or created by). callouts for {0} on {1}. immediate callouts found for {0} on {1}. callouts for {0} between {1} and {2}. immediate callouts found for {0} between {1} and {2}.
478 many results, only {0} are shown. Done done by person and date. done by {0} on {1}. entries found for {0} on {1}. Load load by group and date. load between {0} and {1}. tasks found between {0} and {1}. many tasks found to perform calculatation, {0} / {1} shown.
491# InventoryItemSearch
493 default all words are matched and results are sorted by relevance. \
496    A * symbol may be used as a wild card, e.g: '2305*' would find 2305RS and 2305-RS. A + symbol may be used to require a word \
497    e.g: 'sensor +print' would require results to have 'print' in the searched categories. for: {0} results for: {0} Reorder items at or below reorder point. Reorder (all) items at or below reorder point, including reorder listing disabled. inventory items found at or below reorder point. inventory items. inventory items found. Used used in the last {0} days. items used in the last {0} days.
512# Report error messages.
515report.error.too.many.results=Error: over {0} results, please run report again. no locations found, please run report again.
517report.error.too.many.locations=Error: over {0} locations, please run report again. no inventory items found, please run report again.
519report.error.too.many.inventory.items=Error: over {0} inventory items, please run report again.
520report.error.multiple.currency.found=Error: multiple currency found.
523# AppCore messages.
524# text search index is being rebuilt in the background, see log file for details.
528# Ajax messages.
530ajax.default.could.not.perform.operation=Could not perform operation, is the connection ok?
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