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Secure and work on import asset tree functions.
Improvements to CustomTagLib.

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1asset.tree.import.success=Asset tree imported.
2asset.tree.import.failure=Could not create asset tree from supplied file, failed on line {0}.
3asset.tree.import.file.over.max.size=Supplied file is greater than max size of {0} Mbytes.
4asset.tree.import.file.not.supplied=No file supplied. supplied file does not have the correct headers, please see the template file.
7asset.copy.method.required=Please select a copy method for sub items.
8asset.copy.method=Copy Method creates a new asset and links it to EXISTING sub items. \
10    While copy creates a new asset and new sub items.
11asset.copy.asset.required=Please select an asset to copy.
13assetSubItem.asset.not.found=Could not complete operation as an asset was supplied but not found.
15sub.task.create.confirm=Immediately create and save a new sub task?
17person.pass.minSize.notmet=Password is less than the minimum size of [{3}]
18person.pass.blank=Password cannot be blank
19person.pass.doesNotMatch=Passwords must match
21person.personGroups=Person Groups may be assigned to tasks and \
23may also provide a record of persons qualified or trained in a specific area. \
24    Groups provide no application authorisations.
25person.loginName=Login Name is the id or name that the person will use to login to the application.
27person.firstName=First Name person's real first name.
29person.lastName=Last Name person's real last name.
31person.password=Password password that the person will use to login to the application (should be changed by them later).
33person.isActive=Active this to prevent a person logging in to the application.
36person.authorities=Authorities allow login at least the 'ROLE_AppUser' authority must be given. The 'ROLE_AppAdmin' authority is NOT required for daily use and provides full (read as DANGEROUS) access.
39entry.duration=Duration time (hh:mm) booked against this entry for date done. Done date on which the event actually occurred.
43entry.comment.fault=Fault the fault and what is happening, NOT what needs doing! \
45<br /><br />From an operation perspective, NOT a technical perspective. Done the work that was done. \
48Include the root cause if known or professional opinion on any faults. \
49Include condition and contributing factors.
51assignedGroup.estimatedDuration=Estimated Duration estimated amount of time (hh:mm) that you would \
53like to assign this group to the task.
55assignedPerson.estimatedDuration=Estimated Duration estimated amount of time (hh:mm) that you would \
57like to assign this person to the task.
59task.notFound=Could not complete operation, task not found.
60task.operationNotPermittedOnCompleteTask=This operation is not permitted on a complete task.
61task.operationNotPermittedOnTaskInTrash=This operation is not permitted on a task that is in the trash.
62task.failedToSave=Could not complete operation, task failed to save.
63task.modifications.failedToSave=Could not complete operation, as task modification record failed to save.
64task.assignedGroups.failedToSave=Could not complete operation, as assignedGroup record failed to save.
65task.assignedPersons.failedToSave=Could not complete operation, as assignedPerson record failed to save.
66tast.taskRecurringSchedule.alreadyExists=This task already has a recurring schedule.
68taskRecurringSchedule.notFound=Could not complete operation, recurring schedule not found.
69personGroup.not.found=Person Group not found, it may have been deleted.
70person.not.found=Person record not found, it may have been deleted.
72task.assignedGroups=Assigned Groups person groups assigned to work on this task during planning along with estimated time.
74task.assignedPersons=Assigned Persons persons assigned to work on this task during planning along with estimated time.
76task.description=Task Description basic description of the task.
78task.comment=Task Comment text for additional info, only shown in detail views.
80task.targetStartDate=Target Start Date date we would like the task to start, set during scheduling.
82task.targetCompletionDate=Target Completion Date date we would like the task to be completed by, set during scheduling.
84task.leadPerson=Lead Person primay contact person.
87taskRecurringSchedule.nextTargetStartDate.mayNotBePast=Please select a start date that is not in the past.
88taskRecurringSchedule.nextTargetStartDate=Next Target Start Date target start date for the next auto generated sub task.
90taskRecurringSchedule.recurEvery=Recur Every often this task should recur. Determines the period between sub task target start dates.
92taskRecurringSchedule.taskDuration=Task Duration long to allow for the task. Determines the target completion date of the sub tasks.
94taskRecurringSchedule.generateAhead=Generate Ahead far ahead of the next target start date to generate sub tasks. \
96This allows work packs to be built and work load to be seen and planned. \
97Only generate ahead as far as short term planning is done, since all generated sub task values will be set and therefore \
98time consuming to change.
99taskRecurringSchedule.enabled=Enabled to enable automatic sub task generation. Off to stop automatic sub task generation.
102task.primaryAsset=Primary Asset is the asset that costs will be assigned to.
104task.associatedAssets=Associated Assets assets are to be associated with this task, but costs will not be assigned.
108inventoryItem.notFound=Could not complete operation, inventory item not found.
110inventoryMovement.quantity.insufficientItemsInStock=Could not complete operation, insufficient items in stock.
111inventoryMovement.inventoryItem.notFound=Inventory Item not found.
113assignedGroup.task.not.found=Please select a task and then ''Add Assigned Group''.
114assignedPerson.task.not.found=Please select a task and then ''Add Assigned Person''.
116default.list.failure=Could not generate list for class {0}.
117default.not.found={0} {1} not found, it may have been deleted.
118default.delete.success={0} {1} deleted.
119default.delete.failure={0} {1} could not be deleted.
120default.update.success={0} {1} updated.
121default.update.failure={0} {1} could not be updated.
122default.create.success={0} {1} created.
123default.create.failure={0} could not be created.
124default.optimistic.locking.failure=Another user has updated this item while you were editing, please check the updated values.
126default.doesnt.match.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] does not match the required pattern [{3}]
127default.invalid.url.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is not a valid URL
128default.invalid.creditCard.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is not a valid credit card number [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is not a valid e-mail address
130default.invalid.range.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] does not fall within the valid range from [{3}] to [{4}]
131default.invalid.size.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] does not fall within the valid size range from [{3}] to [{4}]
132default.invalid.max.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] exceeds maximum value [{3}]
133default.invalid.min.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is less than minimum value [{3}]
134default.invalid.max.size.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] exceeds the maximum size of [{3}]
135default.invalid.min.size.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is less than the minimum size of [{3}]
136default.invalid.validator.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] does not pass custom validation
137default.not.inlist.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is not contained within the list [{3}]
138default.blank.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] cannot be blank
139default.not.equal.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] cannot equal [{3}]
140default.null.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] cannot be null
141default.not.unique.message=Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] must be unique
146# Rich UI plugin - Calendar
157# Data binding errors. Use "typeMismatch.$className.$propertyName to customize (eg {0} must be a valid URL {0} must be a valid URI {0} must be a valid Date {0} must be a valid number {0} must be a valid number {0} must be a valid number {0} must be a valid number {0} must be a valid number {0} must be a valid number
168# Navigation plugin, see conf/Config.groovy for menu's.
169# Subitems are not currently resolving with this plugin.
185# FilterPane plugin, properties. Asset Asset Person (Last Name) Person (First Name) For
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