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    11= Open Source =
    22[wiki:UserGuide Back to User Guide Index] [[BR]]
     4!GnuMims is released and developed under the [ GNU AGPL] open source license. [[BR]]
    46In short open source software is good for everyone. [[BR]]
    1012 * The organisations and people most involved with the product are those with the greatest knowledge of the product and therefore the best option for efficient supply of services, customisation and support.
     14The GNU AGPL allows anyone to use, share and freely work with the software according to the conditions in the full license document.
     16Which basically requires that you extend the same freedoms to others. [[BR]]
     17You may not sell or include the software as closed source commercial software. [[BR]]
     18Nothing on this site is legal advise, please see the full license document and seek independent legal advise. [[BR]]
     20So how do I satisfy this GNU Affero GPL? [[BR]]
     22The GNU AGPL requires you to make the source code available to your network users. [[BR]]
     23So how do you do this? [[BR]]
     24Easy if you are running an un-modified version just leave the link to on the header image intact. This will allow
     25your users to find the community site and with it the source code. If you are running a modified version you are welcome
     26to use our subversion repository, ask us about a custom branch or your changes may be included in the main trunk. If you don't
     27want to do either of those then create a link in your modified version to your modified source, either way you are required to make the source code
     28available to your network users.
    1230See [] for more details.