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Tutorial Videos

Tutorial video base format

  1. About: What the video is about (Intro & example data)
  2. Version: Show the version
  3. How: Do the tutorial
  4. End: Visit

YouTube Channels

Uploading Videos

  • Videos may be uploaded directly to YouTube but this does not provide a common backup.
  • has been setup as a backup and can be viewed directly.
  • webdav:// provides webdav (read/write like ftp) access to the backup.
    • A webdav client is required and the login username is gnuMims and the password is the same as the YouTube ones.
    • The NewUploads folders are monitored, simply copying a file to them will automatically upload, name, tag and playlist the files in the live YouTube channel.
    • See the README for more info.

Webdav Clients

  • In GNU/Linux with Konqueror and Nuatilus? simply paste the webdav:// url in the address bar.
  • In Windows IE and Explorer may work otherwise BitKinex is well know.