17:29 Changeset [290] by gav

Secure and work on import asset tree functions.
Improvements to CustomTagLib.

12:27 Changeset [289] by gav

Set some permissions on Site and Section controllers.
Detail some site views missed in last commit.

08:52 Changeset [288] by gav

Regenerate and svn move the following to detailed controllers and views: Department, ExtendedAttributeType, Section, Site.
Secured with ROLE_Manager and ROLE_AppAdmin for now.


21:54 Changeset [287] by gav

First asset tree import working and created a site.

16:07 Changeset [286] by gav

Add CustomTagLib with checkBoxList.

13:38 Changeset [285] by gav

Add AssetSubItemService and start moving methods to it.

11:25 Changeset [284] by gav

Move asset copy and create functions into AssetService.
Repair create links in AssetTreeTagLib.

08:15 Changeset [283] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.

07:31 Changeset [282] by gav

Clean up css for AssetTreeTagLib.

07:06 Changeset [281] by gav

Change flash.warning to flash.errorMessage.

06:45 Changeset [280] by gav

Generate-all for Asset and AssetSubItem.


20:42 Changeset [279] by gav

Add sorting to AssetTagLib.

20:34 Changeset [278] by gav

Add AssetTreeTagLib and asset overview.
Complete asset copy function with link and copy choices.

18:54 Changeset [277] by gav

Add css for flash scope error messages.

08:12 Changeset [276] by gav

Change AssetSubItem to have many assets.


08:44 Changeset [275] by gav

Add items to Maintenance Policy base data.


15:17 Changeset [274] by gav

Add AssetSubItem and its extended attributes detailed controllers and views, still needs work.

13:18 Changeset [273] by gav

Correct site-inventoryStores relationship and generate-all.
Copy section views over sectionDetailed.

12:13 Ticket #59 (MaintenanceAction and TaskProcedure need more thought and polish) created by Gavin
Maintenance action should not have a step number since this is a procedure …
12:03 Changeset [272] by gav

Regenerate department views.

11:37 Changeset [271] by gav

Regenerate asset views and detail views to suite.
Add CsvService, import and copy functions with appropriate messages and gsp's.

07:59 Changeset [270] by gav

Get bootstrap working with new asset tree.
Re-enable createDataService during bootstrap.

06:43 Changeset [269] by gav

Rebuild MaintenanceActionDetailed controller and views.
Adjust CreateBulkDataService.


22:51 Changeset [268] by gav

Refactor classes for asset tree refinement.
Regenerate views and controllers to suite.

21:27 Changeset [267] by gav

Re-arrange svn for asset tree refactor.

21:16 Changeset [266] by gav

Adjust base data for asset tree refactor.

20:35 Changeset [265] by gav

Start of asset tree refactor.
Tweak AppConfig.groovy maxSize values and regenerate views.
Add page_copy.png

18:44 Changeset [264] by gav

Remove 'Controller' suffix from app admin view list of controllers.

18:17 Changeset [263] by gav

Adjust default.create.failure message.


14:33 Changeset [262] by gav

Complete options div and max task results per page feature.

14:32 Changeset [261] by gav

Improve bulk data creation batch times and use dynamic allocation of next available id, take 2.

13:09 Changeset [260] by gav

Improve bulk data creation batch times and use dynamic allocation of next available id.
Sort admin view controller classes by name.

11:47 GeneralNews edited by Gavin


18:16 ChangingTheDatabase edited by Gavin
18:05 ChangingTheDatabase edited by Gavin
17:22 Installing edited by Gavin
07:26 Changeset [259] by gav

Small fix to MSSQL DataSource example.


14:02 Changeset [258] by gav

Add a service to create bulk test data.

13:04 Changeset [257] by gav

Add a confirm dialog to the create sub task button on taskDetailed show view.


08:16 Changeset [256] by gav

Add sorting of persons in group for assignedGroup.
Remove some unused javascript.

08:13 Changeset [255] by gav

Add ajax feature to show groups for person when creating and editing assignedPerson.
Remove the list and show detailed views since they are no longer used.


04:33 Changeset [254] by gav

Add ajax feature to show persons in the group when creating and editing assignedGroup.
Remove the list and show detailed views since they are no longer used.

04:09 Changeset [253] by gav

Add case insensitive sorting to Task show view, assignedPersons and assignedGroups.


05:01 Ticket #49 (Budget status for Tasks) closed by Gavin
fixed: Implemented in r252.
05:00 Changeset [252] by gav

Added TaskBudgetStatus as per ticket #49.

01:43 Ticket #44 (Check for and correct to ${X.encodeAsHtml()} where required.) closed by Gavin
fixed: The bulk of these have been corrected, don't seem to have been as many as …
01:39 Ticket #58 (Reminder: check for and correct to ${X.encodeAsHtml()} where required.) created by Gavin
This is a reminder for the original ticket #44. This reminder is to …
01:14 Ticket #35 (Adding or removing assigned groups should trigger a modification to be ...) closed by Gavin
01:10 Changeset [251] by gav

Record a taskModification for changes to assignedGroups and assignedPersons as per ticket #35.


22:16 Changeset [250] by gav

Small fix for some Person list view bugs.

21:56 Changeset [249] by gav

Refactor AssignedPerson to use a serviced controller.

21:47 Changeset [248] by gav

Small adjustment to AssignedGroupDetailedController.

20:13 Changeset [247] by gav

Refactor AssignedGroup to use a serviced controller.


13:54 Changeset [246] by gav

Remove/commented out the ability to change the parent task, since this currently just lists all tasks and becomes very slow with larger task numbers.
Created ticket #56 for follow up.

13:45 Ticket #37 (Task should have assigned groups along side assigned persons) closed by Gavin
13:43 Ticket #57 (Better determine the use of task scheduled and approved features) created by Gavin
Scheduled currently does not do very much but is passed on to sub tasks …
13:37 Changeset [245] by gav

Improve TaskService.createSubTask() with sane attribute and collection assignment.

13:21 Ticket #56 (An improved way to assign a parent to an existing task is required) created by Gavin
Removed/commented out the ability to change the parent task in r246, since …
10:25 Ticket #55 (Assigned groups and persons should be copied to auto generated sub tasks.) closed by Gavin
10:24 Changeset [244] by gav

Some detail work on task show view.
Moved parent task to top and it's only visible is there is a parent task.

10:22 Changeset [243] by gav

Implement copying of assigned groups and persons to auto generated sub tasks.
As per ticket #55.


17:12 Changeset [242] by gav

Re-implement AssignedGroups along side AssignedPersons manually taking the good stuff from r240.
As per revised ticket #37.

15:05 Changeset [241] by gav

Undo the AssignedGroup implementation by reverse merge r240:r239.

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