15:49 Changeset [105] by gav

Tidy up after move.

15:43 Changeset [104] by gav

Move /trunk/src/* to /trunk/

15:41 Changeset [103] by gav

Rename /src to /appsrc in preparation for moving /trunk/src/* to /trunk/

15:19 Changeset [102] by gav

Tweak BootStrap? data.

14:46 Changeset [101] by gav

Remove hidden person.id field as it is not used due to not being secure.

13:07 Changeset [100] by gav

Set /web-app/plugins to ignore, since grails deletes the dir on a 'grails clean' and then svn complains about missing .svn

13:01 Changeset [99] by gav

Tweaking to the Change Password view, control and errors.
Remove /web-app/plugins dir.


18:41 Changeset [98] by gav

Installed help-balloons plugin.
Adjust security config to allow javascript and help-balloons folders.
Add "Repeat password" to change password.
Detailed Entry views, including only allow user to edit their own entries.
Adjust Entry constraints.
Add comments to layouts/main.gsp.
Work on TaskDetailed? view to show entry durations and allow editing.
Entry duration formatting to CSS and increased base font size to 14px.


05:12 Ticket #13 (Implement audit/changelog using TaskModifications domain) created by Gavin
* At least the created modification needs to be implemented and added to …
05:10 Ticket #12 (After an update or save sometimes old/stale data/vaules are shown) created by Gavin
A browser refresh causes the new data to be shown, so the data is …
05:07 Changeset [97] by gav

Squashed the password validation bug in Person edit


05:43 Changeset [96] by gav

Implemented the bulk of AssignedPerson? domain

02:34 Changeset [95] by gav

Set svn to ignore stacktrack.log by: propedit svn:ignore src/


06:00 Changeset [94] by gav

Started on AssignedPerson? domain


23:56 Changeset [93] by gav

Rename Modification and ModificationType? domains to TaskModification? and TaskModificationType? respectively. Re-generate controller and views. Update ERD. It's an evil but a necessary mouthful as we may want to track other modifications later.

22:17 Ticket #11 (Implement home page view and navigation) created by Gavin
Implement navigation menus for "Tasks", "Inventory", "Assets" etc For …


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02:12 PageTemplates created by trac
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23:02 Ticket #1 (TaskRewrite) closed by Gavin
fixed: TaskRewrite? has served it's purpose and has been copied over /trunk/src. …
22:59 Ticket #9 (Check and set Tserver hardware clock.) closed by Gavin
fixed: After upgrading system to Lenny the hwclock started working, probably due …


04:39 Changeset [92] by gav

Add entryDetailed views.

04:26 Changeset [91] by gav

More detailing on Task and Entry. Added another authorisation ROLE_Manager and view to go with it. Work on PersonController? delete action.

02:02 CodingConventions edited by Gavin


18:33 Changeset [90] by gav

Remove TaskRewrite? folder

18:16 GeneralNews edited by Gavin
16:07 Changeset [89] by gav

TaskRewrite? has satisfied its purpose so moved to /trunk.

16:03 Changeset [88] by gav

Remove /trunk/src in preparation for copy of /branches/TaskRewrite/src move.

16:02 Changeset [87] by gav

Delete python base firstplay branch.

15:57 Changeset [86] by gav

Continue detailing Task views.

15:22 CodingConventions edited by Gavin
15:07 CodingConventions edited by Gavin
14:49 Changeset [85] by gav

Re-arrange the way 'Detailed is used, much nicer and more secure.

03:30 Changeset [84] by gav

Start creating 'Detail views for Task. Add to BootStrap?. Small change to css.

01:46 CodingConventions edited by Gavin
00:00 Milestone 0.1 - Task domain + Security completed
Implement the Task domain and basic functionality to show it's uses. …


21:56 CodingConventions edited by Gavin
20:31 CodingConventions edited by Gavin
16:31 Changeset [83] by gav

Add AGPL notices.

16:30 Changeset [82] by gav

Add AGPL notices.

16:02 Ticket #10 (Beware that unix command names are all lower case "gnumims" not "gnuMims") created by Gavin
See here for project names: …
13:32 Changeset [81] by gav

Change datasource to use in memory for production war.

04:50 Ticket #9 (Check and set Tserver hardware clock.) created by Gavin
The command hwclock is not working, so needs to be set via the bios.
04:45 Changeset [80] by gav

Make the header image link to www.gnumims.org

02:26 WikiStart edited by Gavin
01:56 WikiStart edited by Gavin
01:46 Ticket #8 (Website css needs updating to match application.) created by Gavin
Also add a mailto:contact@gnumims.com link to the footer of each page.
01:43 Ticket #7 (Update gnumims.org to include Services and Community links.) closed by Gavin


22:59 Ticket #7 (Update gnumims.org to include Services and Community links.) created by Gavin
Also update index content.
21:48 Ticket #6 (Deploy gnuMims latest checkout to tomcat. Adjust index.html. Add ...) closed by Gavin
21:45 Ticket #3 (Install tserver, apache, subversion, grails, tomcat5.5, java sdk, ...) closed by Gavin
21:45 Ticket #4 (Create home page for website with CSS layout, 23Jan2009.) closed by Gavin
21:42 Ticket #5 (Setup tomcat5.5 with index.html and deployed app, 25Jan2009.) closed by Gavin
21:40 Ticket #6 (Deploy gnuMims latest checkout to tomcat. Adjust index.html. Add ...) created by Gavin
21:38 Ticket #5 (Setup tomcat5.5 with index.html and deployed app, 25Jan2009.) created by Gavin
21:37 Ticket #4 (Create home page for website with CSS layout, 23Jan2009.) created by Gavin
21:22 Ticket #3 (Install tserver, apache, subversion, grails, tomcat5.5, java sdk, ...) created by Gavin
21:12 DeveloperStartPage edited by Gavin
21:02 SubversionUsage edited by Gavin
21:00 RequiredTools edited by Gavin
20:51 GeneralNews edited by Gavin
20:38 CodingConventions edited by anonymous
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18:32 WikiStart edited by anonymous


18:23 SubversionUsage created by Gavin
18:00 SubversionAccess edited by Gavin
16:55 Ticket #2 (Setup Trac, Http access to svn and multiuser ssh access to svn.) closed by Gavin
16:54 Ticket #2 (Setup Trac, Http access to svn and multiuser ssh access to svn.) created by Gavin
Done, see wiki for usage.
16:43 GeneralNews edited by Gavin
07:33 WikiStart edited by Gavin
07:24 Ticket #1 (TaskRewrite) created by Gavin
Rewrite the Task domain under /branches/TaskRewrite.
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01:21 Changeset [79] by gav

Remove span tags for IE, Person edit and changePassword views.


07:47 Changeset [78] by gav

Merge TaskRewrite? ERD back to gnuMimsErd.

06:41 Changeset [77] by gav

Develop and update doc/Definitions as TaskRewrite? progresses.

06:41 Changeset [76] by gav

Develop and update /doc/Definitions as TaskRewrite? progresses.


08:20 Changeset [75] by gav

Move index.gsp to views folder as per grails-1.1

08:09 Changeset [74] by gav

Migrate /branches/TaskRewrite to grails-1.1


10:04 Changeset [73] by gav

Add changePassword under options view so that users can change their own password.
Adjust for password validation, userCache etc. Only a small bug during "edit" is left on second "update" command.


10:39 Changeset [72] by gav

Complete change to AppAdmin? and AppUser? roles.

03:00 Changeset [71] by gav

Start changing roles to AppAdmin? and AppUser?.
Add Options view, start code for user changeable passwords.
Repair home and admin bean error variables.


23:33 Changeset [70] by gav

Adjust NoCacheFilters? after more research, should be as good as it gets.
Regenerate Task views.
Return to spinner.gif due to png animation support issues.

10:31 Changeset [69] by gav

Add TaskPriority? and TaskType? domains, generate views and controllers.
Tweak security extensively.
Use 'extend BaseController?' to pass ROLE_USER to most controllers.
Add parentTask and subTask to Task Domain.


04:35 Changeset [68] by gav

Develop and update doc/Definitions as TaskRewrite? progresses.

04:33 Changeset [67] by gav

SVN delete .settings dir, don't need it, don't know where it came from, don't want it.

04:32 Changeset [66] by gav

Add domains Entry, Task, Modification with task rewrites and associated Types/Status? etc.
Generate controllers and views.
Update Bootstrap.groovy and Person.groovy to suite.


20:51 Changeset [65] by gav

Some minor format and label correction.

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.