Mar 10, 2009:

10:39 AM Changeset [72] by gav

Complete change to AppAdmin? and AppUser? roles.

3:00 AM Changeset [71] by gav

Start changing roles to AppAdmin? and AppUser?.
Add Options view, start code for user changeable passwords.
Repair home and admin bean error variables.

Mar 9, 2009:

11:33 PM Changeset [70] by gav

Adjust NoCacheFilters? after more research, should be as good as it gets.
Regenerate Task views.
Return to spinner.gif due to png animation support issues.

10:31 AM Changeset [69] by gav

Add TaskPriority? and TaskType? domains, generate views and controllers.
Tweak security extensively.
Use 'extend BaseController?' to pass ROLE_USER to most controllers.
Add parentTask and subTask to Task Domain.

Mar 7, 2009:

4:35 AM Changeset [68] by gav

Develop and update doc/Definitions as TaskRewrite? progresses.

4:33 AM Changeset [67] by gav

SVN delete .settings dir, don't need it, don't know where it came from, don't want it.

4:32 AM Changeset [66] by gav

Add domains Entry, Task, Modification with task rewrites and associated Types/Status? etc.
Generate controllers and views.
Update Bootstrap.groovy and Person.groovy to suite.

Mar 6, 2009:

8:51 PM Changeset [65] by gav

Some minor format and label correction.

Feb 9, 2009:

8:31 PM Changeset [64] by gav

Add PersonGroup/Type? to Bootstrap.

5:41 PM Changeset [63] by gav

Add doc definitions for Task and Entry.

4:37 PM Changeset [62] by gav

Add import security to required files.

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