Feb 17, 2010:

11:07 PM Changeset [372] by gav

Svn move Supplier and Manufacturer controller and views to detailed.

10:53 PM Changeset [371] by gav

Configure security on MaintenancePolicyDetailedController.

10:46 PM Changeset [370] by gav

Add cancel button to AssetDetailed edit view and change some of the edit links to show links.

10:40 PM GeneralNews edited by Gavin
10:36 PM Changeset [369] by gav

Add alt menu to AssetSubItem views.

9:45 PM Changeset [368] by gav

Detail MaintenanceAction views.
Expand on TaskProcedureDetailedController create message.

9:43 PM Changeset [367] by gav

Add entries to alt menu for MaintenancePolicyDetailed and AssetSubItemDetailed?.

9:03 PM Changeset [366] by gav

Small punctuation correction to TaskProcedureDetailedController.

9:00 PM Changeset [365] by gav

Align TaskProcedureDetailedController to match templates, flush and redirect.

8:43 PM Changeset [364] by gav

Svn delete MaintenanceAction non-detailed views and controller.

8:33 PM Changeset [363] by gav

Detail MaintenancePolicy controller and views.

8:03 PM Changeset [362] by gav

Svn move MaintenancePolicy controller and views to detailed.

4:47 PM Ticket #27 (Task filter does not return any tasks when between is used for dates) closed by Gavin
4:46 PM Ticket #47 (Filterpane bug when selecting an operator but not inputting a value ...) closed by Gavin
4:44 PM Changeset [361] by gav

Upgrade filterpane plugin to 0.6.6-SNAPSHOT, this fixes ticket #47 and #27.

Feb 16, 2010:

10:16 AM GeneralNews edited by Gavin
10:02 AM Changeset [360] by gav

Configure cascade deletion of Site -> Section -> Asset -> SubItems.

9:57 AM Changeset [359] by gav

Add options div to AssetSubItem? search view, part 2.

9:01 AM Changeset [358] by gav

Added an application log view.
Reduced log file size and added CSS and JavaScript? to suite.

12:00 AM Milestone 0.6 - Refine asset tree completed
* Develop and deploy a quick standalone Grails application to refine …
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.