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(edit) @138   11 years gav Install class-diagram plugin 0.3, update the good old latex doc, set …
(edit) @137   11 years gav Update to grails-1.1.1 release. Fix WorkDone? and Fault entries not …
(edit) @133   11 years gav Work on Detail views for Task, TaskProcedure? and MaintenanceAction?.
(edit) @131   11 years gav Reconfigure Planned Maintenance again, now Preventative Maintenance, …
(edit) @127   11 years gav Logins now route through a welcome action to allow flash message and …
(edit) @124   11 years gav Detail controller and views for Asset, AssetExtendedAttribute?, …
(edit) @122   11 years gav Run generate-all on all controllers and views except Person and …
(edit) @121   11 years gav Extensive update to Asset ERD and associated domain classes, not …
(edit) @120   11 years gav Delete ERD_Schema.odt and dataModel.png as no longer required. Massive …
(edit) @118   11 years gav First commit of Asset domain, including domain-classes, controllers, …
(edit) @117   11 years gav Some inventory additions to BootStrap?
(edit) @116   11 years gav First commit of Inventory domain, including domain-classes, …
(edit) @115   11 years gav ERD and InventoryTerms? are ready to start creating the domain-classes.
(edit) @113   11 years gav Lots of work on ERD, Inventory and Asset associations. Update …
(edit) @112   11 years gav Work on Inventory domain in ERD and add colour legend.
(edit) @109   11 years gav Work on Inventory domain in ERD.
(edit) @94   11 years gav Started on AssignedPerson? domain
(edit) @93   11 years gav Rename Modification and ModificationType? domains to TaskModification?
(edit) @78   11 years gav Merge TaskRewrite? ERD back to gnuMimsErd.
(edit) @77   11 years gav Develop and update doc/Definitions as TaskRewrite? progresses.
(edit) @76   11 years gav Develop and update /doc/Definitions as TaskRewrite? progresses.
(edit) @68   11 years gav Develop and update doc/Definitions as TaskRewrite? progresses.
(edit) @63   11 years gav Add doc definitions for Task and Entry.
(edit) @30   11 years gav Added transparency to logos.
(edit) @29   11 years gav Rename ERD .png .
(edit) @28   11 years gav Rename ERD.
(edit) @27   11 years gav Remove old openMim images and .odg
(edit) @26   11 years gav Change images and logos to gnuMims.
(edit) @25   11 years gavin Add to BootStrap?, work on Domain classes update ERD to match, again.
(edit) @22   11 years gavin Delete typeOfClass * and add openMim logo again.
(edit) @21   11 years gavin Remove TypeOfClass? and change to ClassType?. Update ERD to match. …
(edit) @14   12 years gavin Steven and Gavin RC for core of ERD done.
(edit) @13   12 years gavin Add more attributes and notes to ERD.
(edit) @12   12 years gavin Added many more Inventory attributes.
(edit) @11   12 years gavin Increased export resolution of openMimEr.png and …
(edit) @10   12 years tuxta Merge V01 (steven) with V03 (Gavin) ERD's
(edit) @9   12 years tuxta Added docs
(edit) @8   12 years gavin Start Latex documentaion.
(add) @7   12 years gavin Create /trunk/src and /trunk/doc.
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