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General News


Improvements to searching in Task, Inventory and Asset views. Link assets in Task views. Asset model improvements with the addition of Department entity and costCode attributes. Improvements to application user management view and login/logout controller. Creating base and demo data can now be done within gnuMims when logged in as admin. Various bug fixes.

Revamp installation instructions with dev and prod (using MySQL) WAR versions now being automatically built and made available for download.


Improvements in navigation and browser (IE and Firefox) compatibility. New graphical view of the domains thanks to class-diagram plugin. Update to Grails-1.1.1
Task Recurring Schedule's are close to fully functional.


After 4 months working on another project there is again time to work on gnuMims.


Once again very busy, the Asset domain was successfully implemented as per the supplied model. This was actually completed with the demo online in around 4 working hours so very happy with that. The model required some more work and it's starting to look nearly correct now so will implement that and determine where to go from the feedback we get.


We have had a request to model the Asset domain and show what can be done to develop asset life plans and planned maintenance. As a result the basic Inventory domain has been modeled and implemented but the Inventory functionality has been moved to milestone 0.4


The last two weeks have been very busy. Lots of server admin, updates and scripting to automate website and demo application updates. The Task domain now is quite usable to manage and plan tasks, there is of course plenty more that will be done to enrich the usage, flow and experience but all the basics are there. Considering that the Inventory domain implementation will commence today.


The Task domain rewrite is complete and has been copied over to trunk. This also completes our migration to Grails-1.1 and as a large bonus Acegi security has been set-up.


We now have Trac and anonymous http access to svn. Developer access to svn is via ssh and key auth. A rewrite of the Task domain and implementation of security is under way.