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Coding Conventions

Coding conventions are a preffered way of doing things.


  • Although Grails can handle both dos (\r\n) and *nix (\r) line ends *nix is preffered.
  • It is project policy not to include developer names in the source files, recognition will be given in better and more visible ways.


  • Please set-up your IDE or editor to use a indent of 4 spaces, with no tabs.
  • Follow the generally used formatting of code you see in Grails and the project.


  • As much as possible try to keep the CRUD pages as generated by "grails generate-all"
  • For example the view show is retained as is for application administration.
  • If we want to modify the show view, create a copy called showDetail in the views and controller logic then modify those.

This way the original views are available as direct access to the data for administration. If the domain changes enough a "grails generate-all" can be performed on most domains without losing the customisations. I propose the suffix 'Detail until a better one is suggested.