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Some CSS adjustments to text color, img border, remove body height:100%, add buttons input.add to CSS.
Move admin stuff to AppAdmin? to make it very clear that it is not for daily use.
TaskDetailed? list and delete now use the IsActive? attribute.
Remove Task.comment size constraint.
Add more help-ballons to TaskDetailed? create.
Clean loose comments from main.gsp and auth.gsp
Use pretty pictures in TaskDetailed? views instead of Edit and Show words.

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2    <head>
3        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"/>
4        <meta name="layout" content="main" />
5        <title>Admin</title>
6    </head>
7    <body>
8        <div class="nav">
9            <span class="menuButton"><a class="home" href="${createLinkTo(dir:'')}">Home</a></span>
10        </div>
11        <div class="body">
12            <h1>Application Admin</h1>
13            <div class="errors">
14                Warning!<br />
15                The pages bellow this line are for use by the application admin only and NOT for daily use.<br />
16                They allow direct administration of the back-end data, cascade deletion and updates may occur.<br />
17                The manager authorisation and pages should be used for normal daily use.<br />
18            </div>
19            <br/>
20            <div class="dialog">
21                <ul>
22                <g:each var="c" in="${grailsApplication.controllerClasses}">
23                        <li class="controller"><g:link controller="${c.logicalPropertyName}">${c.fullName}</g:link></li>
24                </g:each>
25                </ul>
26            </div>
27        </div>
28    </body>
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