17:24 Ticket #64 (Task search returns duplicate records during pagination in some ...) closed by Gavin
fixed: Change quick searches to use HQL. Prevent sorting by attentionFlag column …
16:28 Changeset [525] by gav

Default task search results per page to 100.

15:51 Changeset [524] by gav

Refactor TaskSearchServicve getBudgetTasks() to use HQL.

15:48 Changeset [523] by gav

Remove "Predictive Maintenance" TaskType.


22:10 Changeset [522] by gav

Add UpdateRev.groovy and _Events.groovy scripts to update application.properties and metadata at compile time to svn base revision.

00:35 Changeset [521] by gav

Add version information to about view.


19:05 Changeset [520] by gav

Add SVN revision keyword to application properties file.


20:13 Changeset [519] by gav

Show a development header logo in all environments except production.

03:04 Changeset [518] by gav

Allow InventoryItemPurchase, invoicePaymentApproved and receivedComplete to be edited, part 2, limit to 'orders'.

02:39 Changeset [517] by gav

Allow InventoryItemPurchase, invoicePaymentApproved and receivedComplete to be edited.

02:20 Changeset [516] by gav

Prevent tasks in the trash being returned by filterPane unless explicitly requested.


03:41 Changeset [515] by gav

Default task dates to today when manually creating a sub task.


05:01 Changeset [514] by gav

Added integration test for TaskSearchService.getPersonsTasks().
Extended TaskService.delete() to handle assignedPersons and assignedGroups.
Use safe collection navigation in AssignedGroupService and AssignedPersonService?.


23:16 Changeset [513] by gav

Prevent filterPane from sorting by attentionFlag, see ticket #64.

23:14 Changeset [512] by gav

Refactor TaskSearchService.getTasks() to use HQL and avoid bug in ticket #64, also extend associated tests.

22:47 Ticket #64 (Task search returns duplicate records during pagination in some ...) created by Gavin
This only occurs with the following conditions: 1. When not using MySQL …
17:02 Changeset [511] by gav

Adjust TaskSearchService.getPersonsTasks() so that if a person created it and is leadPerson then that task is returned.
Started on integration tests for TaskSearchService.

16:19 Changeset [510] by gav

Adding an entry to a task with no time booked will now leave the task as "Not Started".
Reopening a task will check if the task should be "In Progress" or "Not Started".
Added integration tests for above.
Added TaskService.delete() since it is required for integration tests.

16:13 Changeset [509] by gav

Some comments to CreateDataServiceTests.


17:53 Changeset [508] by gav

Base data is now created during bootstrap in all environments.
Add stdout log appender to test environment.
Add CreateDataServiceTests.

14:42 Changeset [507] by gav

Add inventoryGroup to inventory search view and export.

12:29 Changeset [506] by gav

Create data adjustment, split createBasePersonGroupTypes into a separate method.
Small adjustment to person show and edit views, add group link and only show active PersonGroups.

10:35 Changeset [505] by gav

Some commenting to AppConfigServiceTests.


15:15 Changeset [504] by gav

Adjust BootStrap.groovy since it is now environment aware.
Small spelling correction to DataSource?.groovy

12:49 UserGuide/OpenSource edited by Gavin
12:39 UserGuide/MultipleSites edited by Gavin
12:29 UserGuide edited by Gavin


15:56 Changeset [503] by gav

Refactor TaskSearchService and associated messages.

02:14 Changeset [502] by gav

Small text correction to work done view.


20:37 Changeset [501] by gav

Removed negative margin from tab headers since it causes selection problems in IE and looks better with a little extra space.

20:32 Changeset [500] by gav

Remove non-existant class from tab headers.

19:08 Changeset [499] by gav

Small correction to taskType sortable column on task search view.

02:07 Changeset [498] by gav

Improved table row onclick implementation for all detailed list and search views.

01:31 Changeset [497] by gav

Svn delete taskModification controller and views since they should not really exist.

01:23 Changeset [496] by gav

Svn delete un-used site and section extendedAttribute list views.

00:46 Changeset [495] by gav

Svn delete un-used maintenanceAction list view.

00:21 Changeset [494] by gav

Svn delete un-used entryDetailed list view.

00:19 Changeset [493] by gav

Svn delete un-used departmentExtendedAttribute list view.

00:12 Changeset [492] by gav

Svn delete un-used contactDetailed list view.

00:08 Changeset [491] by gav

Svn delete non-detailed assignedGroup and assignedPerson controllers and views.


22:03 Changeset [490] by gav

Add work done by person and date feature with view and search logic.


14:10 Changeset [489] by gav

Add recentlyUsed inventoryItem quick search.

13:25 Changeset [488] by gav

Replace nulling of session attributes with removeAttribute() in task controller.


11:42 GeneralNews edited by Gavin
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13:29 Ticket #50 (New report or view: Inventory Below Reorder) closed by Gavin
fixed: Implemented as a quick search (with export) in Inventory search view, at …
13:11 Changeset [487] by gav

Default scheduled to true when creating a new Scheduled task.
Add applicable sorting and findAllByIsActive(true) to select lists in task views.

12:38 Changeset [486] by gav

Remember user's sort in task search view.

12:37 Changeset [485] by gav

Add inventory item quick search (items below reorder) and remember user's search in session.

12:07 Changeset [484] by gav

Comments to InventoryItem? doman class.

11:04 Changeset [483] by gav

Some comments to TaskDetailedController and TaskSearchService.

11:02 Changeset [482] by gav

Refactor entry creation to provide correct error messages when trying to create a new entry on a complete task.


17:20 Changeset [481] by gav

Turn off SQL logging and update messages to suite adjusted task quick search.

15:16 UserGuide/GnuMimsTheName edited by Gavin
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12:03 Changeset [480] by gav

Configure the root logger to only output to appLog appender in prod and test envrionments.
Svn ignore *.log* and set maxBackupIndex to 1.

12:00 Changeset [479] by gav

Improvements to task search logic, especially 'my' tasks.


17:37 Changeset [478] by gav

Setup approved and scheduled during subTask creation.

13:52 Changeset [477] by gav

Move params.message and params.errorMessage to shared messages template.

13:49 Changeset [476] by gav

Improve task search and calendar logic.
Move task quick search links to a template.
Set targetCompletionDate when creating task from calendar.
Remove task budget action and view, functionality moved to task search.
Customise calendar css.

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