23:19 Changeset [341] by gav

Add unique constraint to AssetSubItem name.

22:28 Changeset [340] by gav

Small adjustment to CsvService asset tree import, to handle blank description on last column correctly.

03:54 Changeset [339] by gav

Some detailing on Site, Department and Section list veiws.

03:53 Changeset [338] by gav

Svn delete AssetSubItemExtendedAttribute non-detailed controller and views.

02:55 Changeset [337] by gav

Svn delete AssetSubItem non-detailed views and controller.

02:54 Changeset [336] by gav

Add search view and detailing to AssetSubItem.

01:58 Changeset [335] by gav

Remove non detailed Asset controller and views.

01:57 Changeset [334] by gav

Removed list action from Asset detailed controller and views.

01:47 Changeset [333] by gav

Add comment attribute to Department and limit description to 75 char.
Update detailed views to suite.

01:41 Changeset [332] by gav

Add comment attribute to Site and limit description to 75 char.
Update detailed views to suite.

01:36 Changeset [331] by gav

Add comment attribute to Section and limit description to 75 char.
Update detailed views to suite.

01:30 Changeset [330] by gav

Add comment attribute to AssetSubItem? and limit description to 75 char.
Update detailed views to suite.

01:17 Changeset [329] by gav

Add comment attribute to Asset and limit description to 75 char.
Update service and detailed views to suite.

00:24 Changeset [328] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.


21:56 Changeset [327] by gav

Small fix to asset tree export, turns out row.last() does not handle blank strings in the list.

04:30 Changeset [326] by gav

Add options control to asset search view.

03:43 Changeset [325] by gav

Allow ROLE_AssetUser to view the asset tree.
Some commenting and correct taskSearchParamsMax to assetSearchParamsMax.

03:39 Changeset [324] by gav

Remove surplus references to overlayPane.js

03:23 Changeset [323] by gav

Add toggleWithImgAndEffect to JsUtil.
Replace control divs with our new JsUtil toggleControl taglib.
Small CSS adjustment to asset tree pane close.

02:51 Changeset [322] by gav

Move JavascriptService to JsUtilService.
Consolidate similar JsUtilService methods.
Create JsUtilTagLib?.
Disable pulsing of asset tree loading image.


11:15 Changeset [321] by gav

Update demo data to show a hierarchal (along side the current functional) asset tree layout.

11:11 Changeset [320] by gav

Update person.authorities help message since most of this is in each authority's description now.

11:10 Changeset [319] by gav

Move saveAssetTreeStatus method to AssetDetailedController, part 2.

11:08 Changeset [318] by gav

Move saveAssetTreeStatus method to AssetDetailedController.

09:44 Changeset [317] by gav

Add object descriptions to asset tree.

09:39 Changeset [316] by gav

Some comments to assetTree.js


17:57 InstallationTips edited by Gavin
16:00 Changeset [315] by gav

Improvements to CsvService.
More comments to code and asset tree template.
Add description column to asset tree export and make import more robust with trimming and capitalising.


15:19 Changeset [314] by gav

Add descriptions to demo data. Sites, departments, sections, assets and asset sub items.

13:40 Changeset [313] by gav

Small correction to body.onload and get focus working again.

13:32 Changeset [312] by gav

Refactor asset tree taglib to populate the asset tree table via an ajax call to AssetTreeService.
Move assetTree javascript to it's own js file and util javascript to a util.js file and service.


09:57 Changeset [311] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.


12:02 Changeset [310] by gav

Fix small bug in AppCore controller changePassword function.
Introduced when authenticateService was replaced with authService.

11:59 Changeset [309] by gav

Change asset tree taglib Ajax.Request to asynchronous: false.

10:09 Changeset [308] by gav

Add a create site link to asset tree taglib if there are no sites yet.
Add a create department link to section create and edit views.

07:56 Changeset [307] by gav

Asset tree taglib now saves it's status in the http session along with some improvement to the button css.


10:38 Changeset [306] by gav

Move asset tree/overview to an overlay pane.


14:29 Changeset [305] by gav

Add a possibleAssetSubItems function to filter sub items when editing assets.

10:04 Changeset [304] by gav

Add css for static_tree in shared/_assetTree.gsp

10:02 Changeset [303] by gav

Add link option and field comments to CustomTagLib checkBoxList.


20:13 Changeset [302] by gav

Add exportAssetTreeTest function, add and ignore comment and example lines.

14:38 Changeset [301] by gav

Refactor CsvService assetTreeImport method.


21:44 Changeset [300] by gav

Improvements to CsvService importAssetTree method, still in progress.
Added Department column, second header line with name and description as well as improved out of bounds checking.


19:07 Changeset [299] by gav

Svn delete test skeletons that are never going to be written.

14:14 Changeset [298] by gav

Set base authorisations on all controllers.

13:42 Changeset [297] by gav

Change link colours to blue.

10:58 Changeset [296] by gav

Add some manager and user authorities to base data.

10:57 Changeset [295] by gav

Authority add/remove logic in r294 not behaving as expected, fixed.
Switch views back to using Authority desctiptions.


22:21 Changeset [294] by gav

Add custom checkBoxList for personGroups to Person.
Wrap save and update in transactions, tweak role add/remove logic and use a limited role list for non-admin users.


11:33 Changeset [293] by gav

Removed unused list views from AssetExtendedAttribute and SubItemExtendedAttribute.

11:19 Changeset [292] by gav

Regen AssetExtendedAttribute controller and views.
Then copy over detailed controller and views and remove non detailed views and controllers.

10:42 Changeset [291] by gav

Svn move PersonService to AuthService?.

09:34 DeveloperStartPage/Kate edited by Gavin
09:31 javadoc.xml attached to DeveloperStartPage/Kate by Gavin
09:30 DeveloperStartPage/Kate created by Gavin
09:23 DeveloperStartPage edited by Gavin


17:29 Changeset [290] by gav

Secure and work on import asset tree functions.
Improvements to CustomTagLib.

12:27 Changeset [289] by gav

Set some permissions on Site and Section controllers.
Detail some site views missed in last commit.

08:52 Changeset [288] by gav

Regenerate and svn move the following to detailed controllers and views: Department, ExtendedAttributeType, Section, Site.
Secured with ROLE_Manager and ROLE_AppAdmin for now.


21:54 Changeset [287] by gav

First asset tree import working and created a site.

16:07 Changeset [286] by gav

Add CustomTagLib with checkBoxList.

13:38 Changeset [285] by gav

Add AssetSubItemService and start moving methods to it.

11:25 Changeset [284] by gav

Move asset copy and create functions into AssetService.
Repair create links in AssetTreeTagLib.

08:15 Changeset [283] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.

07:31 Changeset [282] by gav

Clean up css for AssetTreeTagLib.

07:06 Changeset [281] by gav

Change flash.warning to flash.errorMessage.

06:45 Changeset [280] by gav

Generate-all for Asset and AssetSubItem.


20:42 Changeset [279] by gav

Add sorting to AssetTagLib.

20:34 Changeset [278] by gav

Add AssetTreeTagLib and asset overview.
Complete asset copy function with link and copy choices.

18:54 Changeset [277] by gav

Add css for flash scope error messages.

08:12 Changeset [276] by gav

Change AssetSubItem to have many assets.


08:44 Changeset [275] by gav

Add items to Maintenance Policy base data.


15:17 Changeset [274] by gav

Add AssetSubItem and its extended attributes detailed controllers and views, still needs work.

13:18 Changeset [273] by gav

Correct site-inventoryStores relationship and generate-all.
Copy section views over sectionDetailed.

12:13 Ticket #59 (MaintenanceAction and TaskProcedure need more thought and polish) created by Gavin
Maintenance action should not have a step number since this is a procedure …
12:03 Changeset [272] by gav

Regenerate department views.

11:37 Changeset [271] by gav

Regenerate asset views and detail views to suite.
Add CsvService, import and copy functions with appropriate messages and gsp's.

07:59 Changeset [270] by gav

Get bootstrap working with new asset tree.
Re-enable createDataService during bootstrap.

06:43 Changeset [269] by gav

Rebuild MaintenanceActionDetailed controller and views.
Adjust CreateBulkDataService.


22:51 Changeset [268] by gav

Refactor classes for asset tree refinement.
Regenerate views and controllers to suite.

21:27 Changeset [267] by gav

Re-arrange svn for asset tree refactor.

21:16 Changeset [266] by gav

Adjust base data for asset tree refactor.

20:35 Changeset [265] by gav

Start of asset tree refactor.
Tweak AppConfig.groovy maxSize values and regenerate views.
Add page_copy.png

18:44 Changeset [264] by gav

Remove 'Controller' suffix from app admin view list of controllers.

18:17 Changeset [263] by gav

Adjust default.create.failure message.


14:33 Changeset [262] by gav

Complete options div and max task results per page feature.

14:32 Changeset [261] by gav

Improve bulk data creation batch times and use dynamic allocation of next available id, take 2.

13:09 Changeset [260] by gav

Improve bulk data creation batch times and use dynamic allocation of next available id.
Sort admin view controller classes by name.

11:47 GeneralNews edited by Gavin


18:16 ChangingTheDatabase edited by Gavin
18:05 ChangingTheDatabase edited by Gavin
17:22 Installing edited by Gavin
07:26 Changeset [259] by gav

Small fix to MSSQL DataSource example.

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.