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15:15 Ticket #52 (Production reference) created by Gavin
* Please consider adding a production reference to tasks or faults.
14:43 Ticket #51 (New report or view: Inventory Recently Used) created by Gavin
We need a quick way to find, present and print/output all inventory items …
14:40 Ticket #50 (New report or view: Inventory Below Reorder) created by Gavin
We need a quick way to find, present and print/output all inventory items …
14:33 Ticket #49 (Budget status for Tasks) created by Gavin
* Please consider adding budget status to tasks. * Currently only 2 …
11:33 Changeset [231] by gav

Security config adjustment to allow anonymous access to plugin css, js and images.

11:26 Changeset [230] by gav

Add startup log to BootStrap.
Add help balloon messages to create entry view.

10:01 Changeset [229] by gav

Small css fix, tested on FF and IE.


14:19 Changeset [228] by gav

Added an example for MSSQL datasource.

12:37 Changeset [227] by gav

Set svn:ignore for MSSQL driver jar.


00:00 Milestone 0.4 - Functionality and integration completed
* Improve on functionality and integration between Task, Inventory and …


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17:11 Ticket #24 (Implement inventory movement.) closed by Gavin
04:36 Changeset [226] by gav

Complete functionality for inventory movement types other than "Used".

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04:03 Changeset [225] by gav

Complete inventory movement implementation as per ticket #24.
Refactor showTab function in both Task and Inventory (which now has tabs).

03:19 Changeset [224] by gav

List the inventory movements for an inventoryItem.

03:06 Changeset [223] by gav

Detail InventoryItem? create and edit views.


22:31 Changeset [222] by gav

Small tweak to CreateDataService taskService name: complete.

04:49 Changeset [221] by gav

CSS improvements, add images to login and search buttons.


00:16 Changeset [220] by gav

Increase the loading js function flashing duration for IE.


20:52 Changeset [219] by gav

Make some dates more groovy.

15:13 Changeset [218] by gav

Remove the ability to change task and entryType when editing an entry.

14:08 Changeset [217] by gav

Record person performing the inventory movement as per ticket #24.

14:05 Changeset [216] by gav

Replace personService.currentUser() with the more groovy personService.getCurrentUser() so that personService.currentUser can be called.

12:34 Ticket #25 (Complete recurring task implementation with quartz) closed by Gavin
12:19 Changeset [215] by gav

Always show Calendar in Nav bar.

01:13 Changeset [214] by gav

Clicking on a searchCalendar day allows user to create a task with that day preset as targetStartDate.


23:44 Changeset [213] by gav

Finishing touches to recurring tasks.

20:12 Changeset [212] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.

19:43 Changeset [211] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.

12:54 Ticket #28 (When viewing inventory item pictures with Lightbox resize is not always ...) closed by Gavin
12:51 Ticket #8 (Website css needs updating to match application.) closed by Gavin


05:26 Changeset [210] by gav

Make date calculations and formatting more groovy.

01:50 Changeset [209] by gav

Upgrade filterpane plugin to 0.6.4 from 0.6.2 and switch to FilterUtils?.isFilterApplied(params) for testing if filter is applied in task search.


22:15 Ticket #48 (The new gnuMims logo has a poor gradient or jaggered appearance in IE) closed by Gavin
22:10 Ticket #48 (The new gnuMims logo has a poor gradient or jaggered appearance in IE) created by Gavin
Found that this is due to an IE bug when the PC's dpi is set to 120 …
20:43 Ticket #47 (Filterpane bug when selecting an operator but not inputting a value for ID ...) created by Gavin
See bug in grails plugin filterpane: …
05:10 Changeset [208] by gav

Remove some no longer used imports and injections.

04:51 Changeset [207] by gav

Refactor taskRecurringSchedule update() to a service method.

03:48 Changeset [206] by gav

Switch Task to the Grails provided attach() from refresh().

03:45 Changeset [205] by gav

Switch InventoryMovement to the Grails provided attach() from refresh().

01:48 Changeset [204] by gav

Refactor taskService update() and enable optimistic version checking.

01:17 Ticket #46 (Reminder: Check for optimistic locking in edit views) created by Gavin
Check and ensure that optimistic locking is in the edit views and that it …


22:28 Changeset [203] by gav

Move task recurring schedule creation to a service.

01:26 Changeset [202] by gav

Some commenting and tweak to disable recurring schedule when completing or moving a task to trash.

00:30 Changeset [201] by gav

Disable recurring schedule when completing or moving a task to trash.


22:13 Changeset [200] by gav

Fix log4j config that was preventing war building.


14:17 Changeset [199] by gav

Upgrade quartz plugin to 0.4.1 propper.
Refactor and enable quartz scheduling for recurring tasks.
Adjust svn ignores to ignore all log files.
Create a pseudo system person for automated insertions.

12:41 Ticket #45 (Make dataFormat a global in Config.) created by Gavin
In Config.groovy place a global.dateFormat='EEE, dd-MMM-yyyy'. Then find …
12:33 Ticket #44 (Check for and correct to ${X.encodeAsHtml()} where required.) created by Gavin
Anywhere that user input is displayed in a page there is the opportunity …
11:07 Ticket #43 (Base type domain classes should have caching enabled) created by Gavin
The '*Type' classes that don't change often should have caching enabled to …


13:54 Changeset [198] by gav

Some commenting to PersonService.

13:49 Changeset [197] by gav

Revamp logging configuration.


15:33 Ticket #42 (Work flow for sharing task numbers) created by Gavin
With the concept of the maintenance technician entering the task and the …
15:33 Ticket #41 (Production report from fault entries) created by Gavin
If a production person entered faults against tasks then these faults …
15:15 Ticket #40 (Feature to assemble a 'work order' from task) created by Gavin
Tasks are great but some work flows are based around work orders. An pdf …
15:11 Ticket #39 (CostCodes need to have persons authorised to use them) created by Gavin
Each cost code or person needs a relationship and way to authorise …
07:57 Changeset [196] by gav

Exclude tasks in trash from subTask lists.
Add create subTask functionality.
Move possibleParentList() to TaskService.


16:39 Ticket #38 (A way to assess and record the condition severity of an asset when ...) created by Gavin
When performing a preventative maintenance task that has a procedure, it …


16:28 Changeset [195] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.


15:15 Ticket #31 (Remove the auto inserted login credentials and message in production mode.) closed by Gavin
fixed: Implemented in r194
15:13 Changeset [194] by gav

Remove the auto inserted login credentials and message in production mode.

14:46 Changeset [193] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.

14:38 Changeset [192] by gav

Facelift with new logo.


21:16 Changeset [191] by gav

Improve entry creation so that entryType is passed in with the associated submitButton.
Refactor InventoryMovementService and prevent create/delete of invenotryMovements on complete task.

21:00 Ticket #13 (Implement audit/changelog using TaskModifications domain) closed by Gavin
13:47 Changeset [190] by gav

Switch creatDemoEntries to use the taskService.createEntry service.
Switch some findByName's to get(id).

11:43 Changeset [189] by gav

Set minimum lightbox width, may fix IE resize bug but also makes list navigation faster.

11:33 Changeset [188] by gav

Small change to loading javascript, preload image and increase pulses for IE.

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