15:32 Ticket #12 (After an update or save sometimes old/stale data/vaules are shown) closed by Gavin
15:25 Changeset [178] by gav

Resolve ticket #12 again.
Turn query cache on again since this did not resolve the problem.
Implement fix as per http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GRAILS-5111, add flush:true to save.
Adjust templates to include above and remove home url.
Re-generate all non detailed views and controllers.
Manually add flush:true and remove home url to detailed views and controllers.

13:17 Changeset [177] by gav

Inventory movement quantity adjustments now done in a service.
InventoryMovementType now has an incrementsInventory flag, so not dependant on the text name.

09:08 Ticket #12 (After an update or save sometimes old/stale data/vaules are shown) reopened by Gavin
Turning off query caching appears to improve things in dev environment but …


11:12 Changeset [176] by gav

Add InnoBD config for MySQL since we will require transactions and row locking from now on.

10:16 WikiStart edited by Gavin
10:14 Installing edited by Gavin
10:02 ChangingTheDatabase edited by Gavin
09:48 Installing edited by Gavin


20:30 Changeset [175] by gav

Substantial refactor of the Inventory domain.
InventoryItems can now be added to tasks, no quantity adjustments done yet.
Removed StoredItem and with it the ability to store an inventoryItem in multiple places, just too complex right now.
Svn move StoreLocation to InventoryLocation.

11:46 Changeset [174] by gav

Comments in DataSource?.groovy


09:18 Changeset [173] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.

08:32 Changeset [172] by gav

Fix LoginController? null object bug introduced at r166.


16:21 Ticket #26 (Implement Pictures for inventory items.) created by Gavin
Implemented in at r182
14:24 Ticket #25 (Complete recurring task implementation with quartz) created by Gavin
The core classes and services have been implemented. Some logic, …
14:22 Ticket #24 (Implement inventory movement.) created by Gavin
So that Inventory Items may be easily checked out via the task inventory …
13:57 Ticket #12 (After an update or save sometimes old/stale data/vaules are shown) closed by Gavin
13:51 Changeset [171] by gav

Turn off query_cache, should solve ticket #12.

12:24 GeneralNews edited by Gavin
09:28 Changeset [170] by gav

Upgrade to class-diagram-0.4.1

08:53 Changeset [169] by gav

Fix looping bug when a parentTask is selected from a task that is already a subTask.

08:33 Changeset [168] by gav

Add message bundles for the task filterPane.
Add primary and associated assets to taskDetailed views.

00:00 Milestone 0.3 - Asset management completed
* Improve asset functionality. * Develop basic Planned Maintenance …


15:16 Changeset [167] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.

15:11 Changeset [166] by gav

Add test and message for no granted authority to LoginController.
Correct belongsTo in Person-PersonGroup? relationship.
Re-generate PersonGroup? controller and views.
Add more help balloon messages for Person and Task.
Default ROLE_AppUser to ON when creating a person.


13:00 Changeset [165] by gav

Install export plugin.
Add budget 'planned' and 'unplanned' search view.

09:49 Changeset [164] by gav

Add Department-Person relationship, update demo data and views to suite.
Add department and personGroups to Person views.


20:41 Changeset [163] by gav

Add costCode attribute to Site and regen non-detailed controller and views.

20:26 Changeset [162] by gav

Add Department domain class, controller, views and demo data.
Add costCode and department attributes to SystemSection? and regen non-detailed controller and views, adjust detailed views to suite.

16:33 Changeset [161] by gav

Add costCode attribute to Asset and regen non-detailed controller and views, adjust detailed views to suite.

08:23 Changeset [160] by gav

Add costCode attribute to AssetType? and regen controller and views.


20:14 Changeset [159] by gav

Regen non-detailed TaskRecurringSchedule? views with new templates.

18:37 Changeset [158] by gav

Update templates to Grails-1.1.1

17:30 Ticket #18 (Implement item search page for Task, Inventory and Asset menu dropdowns.) closed by Gavin
17:17 Ticket #11 (Implement home page view and navigation) closed by Gavin
17:07 Changeset [157] by gav

Detail work on TaskRecurringSchedule? views and controller.
Regen non-detail views.
Format TaskRecurringScheduleDetailedController? to 4 spaces, no tabs.


17:55 Changeset [156] by gav

Add filterPane to Asset and Inventory search views.


13:41 Changeset [155] by gav

Work on Task searching.
Add calendar view for Tasks.
Cleaner look for search and paginate buttons.
OverlayPane? css and javascript to fix filterPane width on smaller screens and for quick search panes.

11:49 Changeset [154] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.


16:25 Changeset [153] by gav

Format to 4 spaces, no tabs.


13:59 Changeset [152] by gav

Add MySQL java connector license info to about view.

10:42 Changeset [151] by gav

Replace all deprecated "createLinkTo" links with "resource".


22:11 Changeset [150] by gav

Add params.message to Person create and edit views.
Code format to 4 spaces, no tabs.

21:47 Changeset [149] by gav

Refactor bootstrap data generation to new CreateDataService?.
Tweak security annotations so that ROLE_AppAdmin gives access to all areas.
Rework DataSource? to allow building of prod and dev WARs.
Include MySQL jdbc connector which is GNU GPL'd and used in the prod WAR.

16:53 Installing edited by Gavin
16:45 ChangingTheDatabase edited by Gavin
09:21 Changeset [148] by gav

Update DataSource?.groovy to include MySQL settings and comments.


19:58 Changeset [147] by gav

Re-install class-diagram from local svn build with patch to allow war deployment.
Class-diagram overrides removed from Config.groovy since these have all been included upstream.
Tidy comments in SecurityConfig?.groovy
Some work on adding assignedPerson work flow and PersonController?.
Add navAlt and filterPane search to Person and TaskProcedure?.


19:02 Changeset [146] by gav

Remove invalid contraints reported by Tomcat debug logs.

18:55 ChangingTheDatabase created by Gavin
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17:52 DeveloperStartPage edited by Gavin
10:18 Ticket #22 (Asset priorities and mandatory registration and testing.) created by Gavin
* Priority 1 is regulatory compliance. * Priority 2 – Hidden functions ( …


00:59 Changeset [145] by gav

Minor bootstrap change, adjust security to accept all /plugin/ urls.
Tested every dateChooser under the sun only to come back to RichUI, only needs to support "EEE, dd-MMM-yyyy" format and have dropdowns for year and month and it would be perfect.
Placed a dateChooser on Task Create view.


16:05 Changeset [144] by gav

Work on TaskSearchService?.

02:51 Changeset [143] by gav

Busy adding TaskSearchService?.

01:48 Changeset [142] by gav

Uninstall class-diagram plugin from repo since it has deployment issues in Tomcat.
A few more css improvements.
Spread the date range of tasks created during bootstrap.

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